This was a school project for Publication Design course. The timeline to finish the project was 10 weeks. Task includes sketching of ideas, illustration of graph and icons, providing prototypes, printing and physically binding the book by myself.
Research: Choose a company that has a traditional annual report with no design yet. Gather images, original logo and company's profile.
Concept: To showcase Pandora's popular jewelry charms by applying different photographs of women showing their different personalities that resonate with their popular charms.
Objective: To provide an informative, positive look and feel about the company so that they can attract more shareholders in the future.
Overall style: A clean san-serif for body type is used to make the APR more clean and sophisticated. Optima font has been used on all headings from the previous APR and chose to continue using the font because it works just fine. The  "ring" symbol of the company was utilized as a pattern for the cover to reflect the concept of the company's profile.
See the entire book using issuu where you can flip thru pages.
Program Used: Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. 

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